RSS ( "Really Simple Syndication") is a format for distributing and gathering content from sources across the web, such as news sources and online magazines. This content (or information) is delivered to the user instead of the user having to seek it out. The user can, at a glance, find the content they are most interested in.

To sign up for RSS news feeds, copy and paste the link into your RSS Reader. RSS news readers (or aggregators) download and display news via a stand-alone program, or a browser plug-in. Many free and commercial news aggregators are available for download.

Firefox supports Live Bookmarks for RSS feeds. These are added to the bookmarks so the user can see at a glance any items that are of interest. Live Bookmarks update automatically, so there is no need to go to the site and look for the item. Look for the RSS icon either in the lower right of the browser window, or to the right of the address bar (version 1.5). To add a feed, click the icon and select the desired feed. Choose a location for the Live Bookmark to be saved to.

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