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April 12, 2010, 9:30 a.m. CT

Jen Rae Hein
Ashley Cradduck

Gov. Heineman Signs Bill Promoting Wind Energy

(Lincoln Neb.) Gov. Dave Heineman today signed LB 1048 into law. The bill is designed to encourage the development, ownership and operation of renewable energy facilities for the export of wind energy from Nebraska.

"This legislation marks the beginning of accelerated wind energy development in Nebraska," said Gov. Heineman. "This legislation combined with previous wind energy efforts, will allow Nebraska to achieve its wind energy potential. Wind energy development will foster growth of the new clean energy economy, and provide meaningful employment and educational opportunities for Nebraskans."

LB 1048 preserves the benefits Nebraskans receive as a result of the state’s unique public power system by allowing the Nebraska Power Review Board to approve wind energy operations designed to export energy.

The bill was introduced by the Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee, chaired by Sen. Chris Langemeier of Schuyler.

Sen. Langemeier said, "The passage of LB 1048 provides us with significant economic development opportunities and a tool to create jobs in the coming years. This legislation is also a responsible change in the state's renewable energy policy, as it protects our public power system while creating a process that will take Nebraska to the next level as a desirable place to create or expand one's business."

According to the American Wind Energy Association states that Nebraska is 4th for potential wind energy development and 24th for actual production. 


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